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Cassis the Restaurant

Cassis Restaurant strives to provide its guests with an experience that includes a unique atmosphere, quality food and meticulous service.

The spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea and the look of the restaurant, designed in white with touches of turquoise, provide a unique beach atmosphere.

Combining an authentic Jaffa landscape with modern design.

The landscape and the sea change according to the seasons, and so does the menu from summery and fresh to wintery and warm.

The menu is based on seasonal and quality ingredients and includes fresh fish and seafood that come straight from Jaffa.

The bar offers specialty cocktails.

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Chef & Owner - Ayelet Perry

From a young age I was passionate about hospitality and always combined design and cooking.

In 1995 I moved to San Francisco, California and discovered a new world of cuisine that attracted me to start my culinary journey.

From restaurants that specialize in Farm to Table with organic ingredients grown on local farms to elegant and groundbreaking restaurants that cook Molecular Gastronomy.

I started my professional career as a confectioner and chocolatier

Under the guidance of French Master Chef Pascal Janvier.

After a few years I decided to try my talents at Chef Wolfgang Puck's well-known restaurant Spago.

At the same time I opened The Red Currant Restaurant, Cassis Catering and a venue for events in Silicon Valley.

In 2010, I returned to Israel and opened Cassis restaurant in Jaffa, a combination of old and new.




Meaning of Cassis

Many times, I have been asked how I chose the name "Cassis".

I wanted the name to reflect the values I aspire to ... seasonal, local and quality.

Cassis is a sweet red liqueur (Crème de Cassis) made of black currant (Black Currant).

It is a small and shiny black fruit that grows on a shrub and is rich in vitamin C.

The fruit can be eaten fresh but is usually cooked in sweet and savory dishes.

It is used to make liqueurs, jams and preserves. A very famous and popular cocktail made from liqueur is Kir Royale and it is the home cocktail of Cassis Restaurant.



Givat Aliyah Beach, Jaffa

The southernmost beach of Tel Aviv-Jaffa with a unique beauty and style, characterized by limestone arches and palm trees.

On its northern border is a spacious public park and on its southern part is the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.

Givat Aliya Beach has won the prestigious international standard "Blue Flag",

which is given to beaches that meet high standards in the areas of environmental education,

water quality, environmental management, safety and services.

There are shade canopies, fitness facilities, lawns, rental of chairs and umbrellas, disabled access, an area designated for water sports and a walking area for dogs.